Top Companies for Gold Exploration

Top ranking companies in gold, mining and exploration ensure they meet the market demand. You can find top listed firms that explore, mine and produce gold around the world. If you do not know some of the leading companies in gold exploration, this guide will be useful to you. Here are some of the top firms for gold exploration you should know.

Harmony Gold

In South Africa, Harmony Gold is rated as the third-largest gold mining firm. It is also the 12th largest gold production company in the world. Together with its subsidiaries, Harmony Gold conducts its gold mining operations on the surface and underground. Moreover, it engages in other activities, such as gold exploration and processing.

Northern Vertex Mining

One of the leading gold mining firms in Canada is Northern Vertex Mining. Its work is based on the mining and exploration of gold. Its primary focus is on the reactivation of the Moss Mine Gold-Silver Project situated in Arizona, US. People can find some of the best gold produced by this company.

Yamana Gold

Yamana Gold Inc. is a gold mining company based in Canada. It’s gold mining operations began in 2003. Moreover, it started its operations with significant gold exploration, production, and land positioning. You can see that the Yamana Gold company has been exploring gold in various countries, such as Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, and Canada.

Caledonia Mining Corporation

Caledonia is one of the top gold exploration, mining, and production companies in the world. Its operations are mainly focused on southern Africa. In Zimbabwe, it has a 49% asset investment on gold mines. In 2015, Caledonia produced over 42,800 ounces of gold in the Blanket Mine.


Gold is one of the most valuable minerals you can find on earth. Besides, many companies outlined in this guide explore, mine, process, and produce gold. You can buy gold from one of the top companies listed above.