Gold Production Investors and Projects

For gold to be produced, companies must raise sufficient capital. They need to ensure all mining projects are well budgeted for. For instance, they have to explore the goldfields, then mine, and process the gold. For these projects, they require enough funds. Thus, the issue of investors comes in this case. You will discover more information about gold mining projects and investors in this guide.

Mining Financiers and Investors

In the gold mining industry, you’ll find many investors and financiers from across the world. They help in providing funds and security to gold mining firms. In recent times, many investors have invested significantly in the gold mining industry. You can find investors in this sector, such as the following:

  • Banco de Chile
  • BBVA Continental
  • BNP Paribas
  • First Mining Finance
  • Global Mining Capital Finance
  • Pacifico Seguros

Chinese Mining Investors

Zijin Mining is a Chinese company that has invested in the gold mining industry. They spent $70 million on Pretivm, one of the Canadian gold mining firms. Chinese investors received a 10% stake for investing in this company. Pretivm has been using the funds from Zijin Mining to explore and mine gold in northern British Colombia.

Another funded project is the Diamond Drilling Campaign for Gold Mining in Australasia. This project has received funds of up to $3 million. Besides, the RAB drilling program confirmed that the developer had high-grade gold deposits.

Raptor Capital International

If you’re looking for financiers in the gold production industry, Raptor Capital International can help. They offer financial support to gold mining firms. They provide loyalty finances to help gold producers to purchase part of their future investment. However, when the gold is mined, they take it and sell at a profit.

Unlike other investors, Raptor Capital International buys gold at a fixed price. They engage in buying gold without exploring, development, or processing. Thus, companies that produce gold can receive funds from Raptor Capital International and other investors upon agreement.