The World’s Leading Gold Producing Countries

Gold is one of the rarest and very pricy metals on earth, and people have been mining many places to find it. However, although gold continues to be a very pricy commodity, the mining process has become harder since all the metal lying beneath the earth’s crust has already been mined. Due to this challenge, the countries producing the most gold per annum keeps on changing. Here are the world’s leading gold mining countries as for now.


For over four years, China has held the first position in gold production. The yield per annum is 400 tonnes which accounts for almost 12 per cent of gold in the whole world. Statistics continue to show that with the gold mines discovered, the costs of mining are reasonable, meaning that China could hold on to the first place for a few more years.


With a yield of almost 90 tonnes, Australia ranks second in gold production worldwide. Although the weight of gold is much lower than what China produces, statistics show that this amount keeps on increasing in Australia. Therefore, if the trend continues, it is likely that Australia might become the world’s leading gold mining country. In Australia, almost half of the exports are mainly minerals. Therefore, the mining and exportation of gold play a huge role in Australia’s economy besides other businesses such as the gaming industry that generates revenue. Most Australians play at Playamo casino Australia, one of the famous casinos making a tremendous amount of income.


As with Australian gold, the weight of gold from Russia keeps increasing with time. However, the difference between the two countries is that Australia exports most of its gold while the Russian government prefers to buy it from the locals. When the Russians export, they mostly do so to European countries.